It is no easy exploit to open a new restaurant in New York City, especially if you want to earn a specific niche of your own. The restaurateurs face more tension than ever to grow certain insane restaurant conceptions to succeed in the City That Never Sleeps.

If you want to make your own fun restaurant experience in NYC, it's crucial that you first know how your rivals look and maybe get inspired along the way. Here are the 25 most exclusive restaurants in NYC to help you get started.

1. Ninja

Don't miss this chance if you've ever dreamt of being a ninja. You're going to enter a Ninja village in this underground restaurant and taste a variety of Japanese fare but beware of flying nunchucks and sudden attacks! You would undoubtedly be happy (or maybe a little surprised) with an ideology to allow diners to feel like they've been "put in a world beyond their imagination."

2. Trailer Park Lounge

Maybe not the most fashionable restaurant, but this is where you should go if you're searching for gaudy decoration or tasteless charm. Take Bud Light or indulge in a typical dinner under the all-year Christmas lights at this extravagant place where kitsch prevails, and the walls are decorated with plastic flowers.

3. Max Brenner

The restaurant is a paradise for lovers of sweets. You'll be able to sample tasty sweets with more dessert than actual food offered, many of them with complex chocolate designs. You won't just enjoy chocolate with "chocolate everything" as the slogan – you'll see it, hear it, taste it.

4. Brooklyn Surf Bar

Maybe you were in a tiki bar earlier, but you were not in a bar that commits too much to this topic. You'll be immersed in a beach atmosphere without needing to quit Williamsburg, with the indoor sand bar and a straw-thatched roof.

5. Takashi

Lovers of meat, revel: you will taste any part of the cow at this restaurant. Takashi serves traditional cuts of beef and eclectic choices, including a range of heart, stomach, and tongue items. Their special dish with calf's brain cream in a tube indicates nothing is going to waste.

6. Ellen's Stardust Diner

At this star-studded restaurant, take a blow into the past. Appreciate some dinner classics (many of them are colored with rainbow) while you listen to the serenades from the singing waitstaff; several might be the next major Broadway idols. (You were the first to see them!)

7. Dirt Candy

Before it was hip, this restaurant was vegetarian, and even stalwart meat eaters would be impressed by "broccoli dogs." Dirt Candy is worth mentioning many times - it is a leader of the vegetable-forward movement and is included on our list of the world's 100 unique restaurant conceptions.

8. La Caverna

The restaurant has the style of an underground cave. The walls are adorned with cave paintings, and the stalactites hang from the ceiling. The place even transforms into a club at night if you want to have a party like in prehistory days.

9. The Beauty Bar

Do you want to indulge yourself? Get a manicure while drinking Martini at this unique beauty saloon in Brooklyn. If you want a girls' night out or a bachelorette party, you can cater to all in your team with the Beauty Bar's old-fashioned salon/saloon feel. There is a fun fact: the Beauty bar kept the original hairdryers when this place was the hair salon!

10. Please Don't Tell

Do you want to live in the roaring twenties? Get the real experience in this private bar. It is so hush-hush that you can't even knock on the door to come in. Call them, but don't wonder if they don't answer the first couple of times.

11. Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

In the early 20th till the 1960s, the customers used to meet in the regional apothecary (pharmacy) to enjoy a carbonated drink or sample a banana split. So, you can also take a small part of history while enjoying a cocktail at this ex-pharmacy shop.

12. The Heath

Enjoy a hearty British meal in this restaurant of cabaret-style with the gentle sounds of 1930s jazz. The waitstaff is dressed in cocktail suits that blend in with the setting, so you have a chance to wear it yourself. You may want to watch the retelling Macbeth's movie - Sleep No More, at the neighboring cinema, as entertainment after dinner.

13. Famous Sammy's Roumanian Steakhouse

You can feel like a member of a large Jewish family as you visit Famous Sammy. Plunging in a bar-mitzvah-like vibe, you'll appreciate the huge portions of traditional Jewish food and enjoy the singing and dancing of staff and visitors. 

14. Sik Gaek

This restaurant Flushing is for people with steel nerves – the seafood is so fresh that it is still alive! Although they are famed for their live octopus, they still have many other meals of live seafood and sushi for your less brave mates.

15. Jekyll and Hyde Club

Come in, if you are brave. You cannot get much stranger than the spooky relaxation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, if you're after one of the most outstanding restaurants in NYC. Living entertainment directed by frightening animatronics and a scary characters crew can make the meal more vibrant. Hot tip: they offer private rooms open to 300 guests so that you can have a very spooky party there!

16. Lucky Cheng's

If you are a fan of Rupaul's Drag Race, it's a place for you. You're served by stylish drag queens and enjoy three-course Asian-American dishes and show. The Lucky Cheng's offers the meal with a side of cabaret, comedy, and dance. It is a unique restaurant in NYC with a comprehensive full dining and entertainment package that makes the visitors talk well after leaving the place.

17. Burp Castle

Although the name of this restaurant may appear unpleasant, the large range of beers is not. Go back to the middle ages at this monastery-designed pub, suitable for silent drinkers: if you get too loud, the cowl-clothed workers will calm you. They deliver free fries (yes, it's not a mistake!) on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays from a close-by shop, so we recommend planning the visit at the right time.

18. The VNYL

Make a trendy tour of the past in this resto-bar of the 1970s. It feels like you enter a stylish family house as you relish a Californian-style menu and a wide variety of music. (Here, you don't need to wear bell-bottoms and paisley patterns!)

19. Beetle House

If you are a fan of Tim Burton, you can't pass it by. It offers drinks and meals named after his films. The design contains the visual components to plunge into the atmosphere of his works. The actors clad in the fullest Willy Wonka or Corpse Bride regalia are sure to bring you an extra spooky note (or a perfect chance for Instagram post). So wait to be pleasantly scared!

20. River Café

This special restaurant does not need to focus on an initial crazy theme - instead, it's a real selling point. This restaurant is currently on a boat located under the Brooklyn Bridge. You will have dinner with a great view of New York's skyline and the calming sound of waves that lap against the bow.

21. Ichiran

Often you only want to eat your meal peacefully. At this ramen joint, the dinners will sample the dinner in silent booths where they can be "have some privacy with their ramen" and center entirely on the delicious flavors without any distractions.

22. Apotheke

Step into the chemistry labs of old times at this authentic "cocktail apothecary" where the drinks are prepared in beakers and flasks. Choose your poison from their list of recipes or taste one of their many flavors of absinthe for a night that you, maybe, do not recall.

23. The Black Ant

The insect consumption is no longer just an innovation among the participants of Fear Factor. Sample grasshopper croquettes or a drink garnished with salted ants at the aptly called Black Ant, where traditional Mexican meal is given a present-day twist, and the ingredients come directly from Oaxaca (including the insects).

24. The House of Wax

You will enjoy this bar if your style tends for the macabre. This bar offers thematic drinks like "Hannover Butcher" and "the Prince Regent of Bavaria." It is filled with waxen death masks and anatomic models of deceased stars of the past.

25. Tatiana

Take part in this restaurant's wildest Russian party possible. It would certainly be a one-of-a-kind dining experience, with a hurricane of cabaret dancers followed by a typical Russian meal fuelled by lots of vodka. 

While there are many themed restaurants in NYC, several differentiate themselves from the crowd. These New York City gems are sure to deliver some wonderful ideas if you want to build your own exclusive restaurant experience.