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+1 845-517-5421

1621 Rt 202, 10970, 10984
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Sunday - 10AM-11PM
Monday - 10AM-11PM
Tuesday - 10AM-11PM
Wednesday - 10AM-11PM
Thursday - 10AM-11PM
Friday - 10AM-11PM
Saturday - 10AM-11PM

Price range per person $10 - $25


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7.0 Based on 3 reviews
2.0/10 Rating average Published 1 year ago | Yelp

They have the worst pizza ever.  This is the worst pizza place of all-time.  I do not recommend this at all.  It doesn't taste like pizza at all.  It is supposed to be margarita pizza, but it is awful and it is garbage.  Their hamburgers and other food are awful as well.  I almost threw up after eating their hamburger and fries one time.  I have no intentions on going back.  Barforama! I find it disheartening that their pizza was the worst pizza I ever had in my lifetime and it is also the worst pizza place to be in that US 202 strip plaza.  A few other pizza places were there before Pizza Loca and those places failed.  However, I will say they made gourmet pizzas compared to Pizza Loca. Pizza Loca is not going to last that long (I'm surprised it has lasted a while, I'll go far by saying it's the worst pizza on this planet!), just like the other pizza places before it.  Take it from me and trust me on this one.

10.0/10 Rating average Published 1 year ago | Yelp

very good pizza, salads and fries;  been here quite a few times and the food is always fresh and delicious

6.0/10 Rating average Published 1 year ago | Yelp

UPDATE (6/16): Closed Pizza Loca is a casual pizza shop located along US 202 in a strip plaza, just west of the Palisades Pkwy. They serve up NY style pizzas, calzones, burgers, salads, pasta dinners (with salad), sandwiches, smoothies, appetizers, and Spanish items. While waiting for my order of Chinese food at the No. 1 Panda House, located a few doors down from Pizza Loca in the same strip plaza, I stopped in here for a small bite to eat. They had pizza slices hot and ready to go (fresh out of the oven) and I chose a slice of Sausage Pizza. The pizza was really great, which was topped with a zesty tomato sauce, lots of melted mozzarella cheese and slices of Italian sausage on top of a firm soft doughy thin crust, edges not thick. The pizza was greasy and very tasty and went down good! This was my appetizer before the main course of Chinese food.